Total Knee Arthroplasty / Total Knee Replacement

About the program:

This program is aimed at patients who have undergone surgery to replace their entire knee joint with an artificial (prosthetic) one.

It is advised that you start this program between the 7th and 10th day after surgery.

The goal of the program is to prevent muscular atrophy, to restore mobility in the knee, and to eliminate bad compensatory habits.

For a full and timely recovery, it is necessary to perform the exercises daily.


What the program contains:

- The program contains video playlists.

- A new playlist is loaded every day.

- The videos combine a detailed description of the exercise with a visual demonstration of how to correctly perform it.

- The exercises gradually progress in difficulty.

35 days of rehabilitation

43 different exercises

451 videos total


Necessary equipmentfoam roller,  Pilates ball, weight, non-elastic band or belt



All rehabilitation exercises are only to be performed until you feel a stretch up to a mild discomfort. Under no circumstances should you cause yourself any pain. If you feel any pain, please take a short break and resume exercising at a reduced strain level. Overexertion will slow down the recovery process!

This program was created with the help of:

Dr. Vladimir Stefanov, MD, Orthopedic Traumatologist at MMA, Sofia


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Knee arthroplasty is a type of surgery where the knee joint is replaced with an artificial one (an endoprosthesis). Metal or plastic prosthetics are used to form the articulation surfaces. This operation is performed when the knee joint is seriously damaged through trauma or inflammations like osteoarthritis. Factors that contribute to the development of this condition include: obesity; injuries from extreme sports or a lack of movement; incorrect walking posture; metabolic diseases.

Rehabilitation after the arthroplasty consists of exercises to reduce swelling, strengthen the active stabilizers, and restore the range of motion. It is advisable to work towards reducing the risk factors.

Total Knee Arthroplasty / Total Knee Replacement
Program duration:
39 days
39.90 EUR
1.02 EUR / day