Soccer conditioning training period

Soccer, undisputedly, is the most popular sports game in our time and surely bring lots of fun, but also require  a good physical fit. Like any other sport, soccer has its typical traumatism. The following is a 22-day intensive conditioning program, designed to prepare and enable the musculoskeletal system of sustaining both the usual and the unexpected forces of the game and in the same time to prevent possible injuries.

Caution: before you start playing the soccer game, please take a good 20-minute warm-up emphasizing on legs, back and abs!

For a proper performance of this program you need to have at your disposal the following accessories: elastic band, fitball, soft pad. If you have trouble with getting those accessories, please visit our E-Shop where you can purchase everything needed for your prevention and rehabilitation activities.

Soccer conditioning training period
Program duration:
26 days
25.00 EUR
0.96 EUR / day