The right tool to facilitate and standardize patient tracking for your clinic.
Play Reha allows all the employees of your company to optimize the follow-up of the patients.
They will be able to centralize all customer information in one place.
Standardization of work will facilitate the understanding of the recovery process and the patient's transition to the next level of treatment.

Benefits for a Clinic

Unified protocols in the clinic.

Standardized procedures for everyone.

In order to standardize the work of the employees in your clinic, Play Reha allows you to design documents and protocols tailored to your business. Make sure that patients are always evaluated in a consistent way to ensure a more consistent follow-up with them.

Time Saving!

Let Play Reha be an investment, not an expense.

Time is money! Play Reha is designed to save you as much time as possible. According to our most recent survey, professionals using Play Reha save an average of 3.5 hours per week thanks to the software and its tools allowing you to be even more effective!



The heart of Play Reha

Sharing Files

Interprofessional work within your organization

Thanks to the customer records centralization concept, the information entered by one of the professionals will be available to other employees in the file if the visibility settings allows it. Avoid losing or duplicating information!

Individual Programs

Specific approach to specific needs

By enabling your specialists to easily and quickly create a program for each patient, it raises patient care to a new level. Personal care for the person, according to his needs and requirements!

We respect the standarts of different organisations

Play Reha is always compliant!

The platform meets the requirements of most major rehabilitation centers and hospitals. It is easy to adjust the functionalities according to your specific needs.

Large set of proven rehabilitation programs!



You can easily choose the right program for your patients.

Save time!

A shortcut sends the selected program to an email.

It contains detailed instructions on the program and work with the platform.

Get informed!

You can read the information for each program and watch the whole videos day by day.

Track progress.

You can easily check the activity of each of your patients.

Specialized surveys.

Through the standardized orthopedic questionnaires you can find out about the current state and dynamics of recovery.


You can keep detailed documentation, store imaging studies and use them as needed.

Data security is in accordance with the HL7 standard


Discover Play Reha

Continuous Support

We are always on the line to help implement the software

In addition to training your employees to get the most out of the software, we offer a variety of tools to improve the use and efficiency of your team through the software. Among other things, we provide you with live chat with experts with an average response time of one minute! You will benefit from our experience in implementing Play Reha in companies like yours.