Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What is Play Reha? 

- Play Reha is a rehabilitation platform, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the abilities of the modern kinesiotherapy fast and safely, at the most comfortable place for you.

2. How can I find the most appropriate program for me?

-The choice of the rehabilitation program depends mainly on the diagnosis, made by the treating physician. It is recommended to have a definitive diagnosis, before purchasing and starting a program , so that you can achieve the best and fastest results for your rehabilitation. When you are choosing your program, you can contact one of our experts, who can guide you in the choice of the most appropriate program, or who can make a custom program, tailored to your personal needs.

3.What is an individual program and how is it made?

An individual program is designed according to the individual needs and specifics of the condition of the patient. It is created, based on the status of the patient, the medical documentation, that is available and an examination by one of our specialists.

4. Can the programs be only used by people with injuries in need of rehabilitation?

The programs can be also used by perfectly healthy people, who want to develop and strengthen the musculature of the desired region. In the  section “Recreational programs”, healthy people can find programs for every body region , which can help with muscle tonus improvement, stretching pilates, etc.

5. Where can I find a demo of a program that I`m planning to purchase?

A demo of the program will load immediately, after you have chosen the program.

6. What is the duration of the programs? 

The duration of the programs varies, depending on the injured structure, the severity of the injury and the procedure , that has been carried out. The duration varies between 2 and 90 days.

7. How do I do the exercises?

The individual exercises should be done in the determined order, one after the other. It is recommended not so skip any of the exercises. If a certain exercise is too difficult to execute, try to do it after a short rest. If it`s not possible even then, don`t get despaired and try it out on the next day.

8. How many times daily should I do the exercises?

The exercises should be done once daily. If you want to repeat them more than once, do consult a specialist or one of our consultants beforehand. It is important not to overexert yourself. The complexity is  consistent with the  appropriate intensity of the rehabilitation, the time of injury and or the intervention.

9. Can I skip certain steps or exercises from the program, because I find them to easy or light, so that I can progress through it faster?

Even if you find some of the steps excessively light and easy, it is recommended not to skip them, so you don`t overexert yourself, or the muscles of the affected region. There is no benefit of skipping in an attempt of achieving faster results. The programs are constructed specifically to avoid detrimental overexertion.

10. If I have questions or need some help while following a program, who and how should I contact?

You can reach  US here at any time.

11. Where can I purchase the devices or equipment used in the videos?

You can purchase all of the equipment, shown in the videos in sport or rehabilitation store, or directly from the  Theraband website :

12. Can the equipment be rented. How ?

For the time being, this option is still in development.

14. How can I contact you?