Running conditioning training period

Even though we don’t practice any sports, in our everyday-life we resort to running in some form or another – to catch the bus, to be on time for the meeting or to grab the toddler before it hits the ground. When we have to act that fast we put our nervous , musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular systems in a great demand. Therefore it is best if we prep our bodies for both – emergencies and running as a recreational activity. It is not necessary to set Olympic goals in order to benefit from running – it gives our bodies strong bones, because its is a weight-bearing exercise,  strengthen muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns calories and fats, helps maintaining a healthy weight. All being said is true, but before we are able to start , we need to prepare our organs and systems to be on a stand-by mode. Play Reha presents the following program which will get you up and running.

Caution: before you start running, please take a good 20-minute warm-up emphasizing on legs, back and abs!

For a proper performance of this program you need to have at your disposal the following accessories: elastic band, fitball, foam roller, soft pad. If you have trouble with getting those accessories, please visit our E-Shop where you can purchase everything needed for your prevention and rehabilitation activities.

Running conditioning training period
Program duration:
26 days
25.00 EUR
0.96 EUR / day