Office shoulder exercises

About the program:

This office program is made for people of different occupations, who have chronic shoulder pain, because of the forced posture behind the computer.

The goal of the exercises is to improve the blood flow in the region, to increase the muscle tone and strength, to reduce the discomfort and avoid complications.

In order to recover properly, you need to perform the exercises every day.

The program includes:

  • Video playlists
  • A new playlist every day
  • The videos both explain and show how to properly perform the exercises
  • In the beginning you will receive a specialized orthopedic questionnaire, in order to grade your disability. The answers are analyzed by an orthopedic surgeon or physiotherapist. If the results are concerning, you will receive an e-mail invitation for online consultation with an orthopedic surgeon or physiotherapist.
  • You can use 20% discount for every rehab program of Play Reha or 30% discount for an individual program.


15 days rehabilitation

22 different exercises

155 videos



You should perform the exercises to a degree of slight discomfort. You should not feel pain at any point. If you start to feel pain, please, take a short rest and continue the exercises with decreased difficulty. Overloading can slow significantly your recovery!


If you need to contact us you can do so via the website chat form in the lower right corner, or you can call us on this number: +359889250440

Office shoulder exercises
Program duration:
18 days
15.00 EUR
0.83 EUR / day