Intercostal neuralgia

About the program:

You may begin this program after consulting your physician or a member of our team.

The goal of the program is to improve blood flow, to strengthen the vertebral muscles, and to reduce the effects of pathological forces on the spine.

For a full and timely recovery, it is necessary to perform the exercises daily.


What the program contains:

- The program contains video playlists.

- A new playlist is loaded every day.

- The videos combine a detailed description of the exercise with a visual demonstration of how to correctly perform it.

- The exercises gradually progress in difficulty.

14 days of rehabilitation

10 videos total



All rehabilitation exercises are only to be performed until you feel a stretch up to a mild discomfort. Under no circumstances should you cause yourself any pain. If you feel any pain, please take a short break and resume exercising at a reduced strain level. Overexertion will slow down the recovery process!



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Intercostal (between ribs) neuralgia is a Peripheral Nervous System disorder localized in thorax area. Pain sensation may be present in upper back, chest and ribs. It intensifies while we take a deep breath, sneeze, cough or move torso. Causes may include inflammation, thorasic trauma,  nerve entrapment, viral infection(shingles). Treatment may include, but is not limited to: over-the-counter or prescription-only  pain medications. Besides medication intake, we recommend the following program because it promotes addition pain alleviating exercises that bring affected musculature to its normal state.

Intercostal neuralgia
Program duration:
18 days
25.00 EUR
1.39 EUR / day