Femoral Fracture - Initial Postoperative Program


About the program:

This program is aimed at patients who have undergone surgery after breaking their thighbone.

You may begin this program after consulting your physician or a member of our team.

The goal of the program is to prevent muscular atrophy, restore movement, and prevent bad compensatory habits.

For a full and timely recovery, it is necessary to perform the exercises daily.


What the program contains:

- The program contains video playlists.

- A new playlist is loaded every day.

- The videos combine a detailed description of the exercise with a visual demonstration of how to correctly perform it.

- The exercises gradually progress in difficulty.

46 days of rehabilitation

70 different exercises

930 videos total


Necessary equipment:  foam roller



All rehabilitation exercises are only to be performed until you feel a stretch up to a mild discomfort. Under no circumstances should you cause yourself any pain. If you feel any pain, please take a short break and resume exercising at a reduced strain level. Overexertion will slow down the recovery process!


Please don’t hesitate to ask us your questions. Dial +359889250440 or use the chat bubble on the bottom right.


Femoral fractures are relatively rare (between 5 and 10% of all fractures).

Fractures of the diaphysis (body) are rarer than the collum (neck).

Radiography is used to determine the fracture line. The most common types include: spiral, oblique, transverse, open, or comminuted (three or more fragments). The nature of the fracture line is important for the recovery period.

Symptoms include pain around the fracture site and an inability to move the limb, which may also be deformed or swollen. Sometimes the limb becomes shorter or exhibits pathological motion. Bone crepitus may occur – the sound of fracture fragments rubbing against each other.

The diagnosis is confirmed via radiography.

Treatment consists of readjusting the fragments in their proper place. Sometimes it is necessary to do so surgically, after which the limb will be immobilized for some time.

Femoral Fracture - Initial Postoperative Program
Program duration:
46 days
39.90 EUR
0.87 EUR / day