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We “PLAY REHA” Ltd., a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered office and address of management: Vratsa, Dabnika building 40 entrance 1, apt.1 UIC: BG204409740, using cookies or similar tools on our site, to improve its performance and your experience. It is declared as correct in accordance with all applicable standards and legislation on the network.


This Cookie Policy is included in the Terms of Service, but is not part of them. It does not regulate rights and obligations, but aims to announce to consumers the types of technologies they use, what they do and your choice according to the attitude to their use.


1. What is a cookie?


Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device so that the site can be hosted by your computer. There are two types of cookies - permanent and temporary ("session") cookies. Most companies use cookies on their websites to improve usage. Cookies cannot use your files or increase the risk of viruses on your computer.


2. How are cookies used?


We use cookies in order to make our site more pleasant and easy to use by you, in order to facilitate the work with PLAY REHA Ltd. by optimizing the storage of user data, as well as:


to identify you when you enter our website / online store and ensure that it is valid and optimized for you and rescue safety standards.

to not forget the products you have added to the cart.

so that you can correctly find available products on the website, which you can add to the shopping list in the shopping cart;

for data analysis, such as traffic analysis of our website.

We use the following types of cookies:


Mandatory cookies:


These cookies are strictly necessary for the site to perform its functions and are saved as a file on your computer or mobile device for a long time. Use these cookies to authenticate our users by using the website so that you can provide our services or start using our Terms of Use and maintain the security of our services.


Session cookies:


These cookies are temporarily stored during your visit to our website on your computer or device, then they are deleted. You may also use session cookies, for example:


to allow you to move between individual pages of our site without the need to log in again;

to recognize you when you return to our site to use the services.

We are not responsible if your internet browser does not support functions for controlling the use, refusal to save or deletion of saved cookies. If you disable the storage of cookies or delete saved cookies, this may disrupt the operation of the website.


Third party cookies:


We also use some third-party cookies as part of our services. These cookies are managed by the respective sites and are not controlled by us. Listed third-party cookies can be turned off using your browser settings. For others, you need to visit the relevant sites and follow the instructions.


We receive your personal data from various third parties [and public sources] as set out below:


Specific technical data and information for receiving services from analytics providers such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Google and the like;

Data collected from the reading of cookies, data from advertising networks such as Programmatic Advertising and the like;

Publicly available, specialized information from search information providers such as public online catalogs and directories;

Data from profiles in social networks, when carried out through these profiles, access to our services in the Platform.

We use - for remarketing and display ads on Google;


We use Facebook - with its help you can track the actions of users after adding or opening ads on Facebook. This does not allow to monitor the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook and to collect data for statistical purposes. By collecting anonymous data in this way, we do not receive information about the identity of users. However, Facebook data is stored and processed because it has the ability to link to the relevant user profile and Facebook may use information for its own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook's data usage policy.


We use MailerLite on - to enable unregistered users to subscribe to our free newsletter.


We use - to generate information about orders, attendance, display for ads.


We do not collect personal data that:


reveal racial or ethnic origin;

reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs;

disclose membership in political parties or organizations, associations for religious, philosophical, political or trade union purposes;

Do we collect information from children?


Our Services are not intended for children under 16 years of age and we do not knowingly collect personal data from persons under 16 years of age. In the event that a person under the age of 16 has provided us with personal data, we will delete it immediately.


3. Protection


PLAY REHA Ltd. guarantees protection of your personal information from loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation, unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure.


You can choose whether to accept cookies or not. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set your browser to notify you. This allows you to accept or decline a cookie. Your computer can be set to reject all cookies.


IMPORTANT! If you block our cookies in your browser, you may not use certain parts of our website or the features mentioned above may not be guaranteed. This may make it impossible to use the site. If you set the "Delete all cookies" option in your browser, the browser settings will be deleted when you close the browser. Unless it interferes with the use of cookies in your browser settings, our system sends cookies when you visit this site. You can learn more about this at about


Please note that changes to your browser that disable the cookie feature will prevent a portion of our site from functioning properly, including the login feature.


4. Links to other sites


The PLAY REHA website has links that may lead to the websites of other companies. PLAY REHA is not responsible for their content and data protection strategies.


5. Development of a strategy for internet data protection


In any case, the development of the field of personal data will affect our strategy for personal data protection. If there should be changes, we will provide information in a timely manner. All future changes to our Cookie Policy will be posted on the website. All changes take effect immediately. This policy was last updated on 24.05.2018.




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